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We build customized RAD and ERP solutions that help you grow, by preventing, identifying, and remedying problems, while guaranteeing the life cycle of your applications and data

Specialists in the Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary Sectors

Use our experience

Revenue Assurance is understood as a means to identify and remedy, as well as prevent, problems that result in bad financial performance. We have adequate solutions for your needs created by experienced people of different areas, which help your business grow!

Control the flow of money

RAM's Key Performance Indicators help you to stay abreast of all your business' expenses and profits. By using our analysis tools you can monitor how every cent of your company is being used.

Make your business grow

Use the Case Manager to get a 360 degree view of the situation with automation features superior to a traditional CRM. Have access at anytime to an immediate snapshot of your performance indicators in the Dashboard. Find and resolve discrepancies in the data, increasing the productivity of your team, enabling quick decision making.

Increase your productivity

With our development environment you can create your own applications to analyze massive volumes of data. Create user interfaces for mobile or desktop for your customers and employees.

Our promise

These are some of the mottos of our company


We will act in a timely manner


We strive to match all of your expectations


We guarantee our utmost dedication in all of our projects — we work in a structured and organized manner


Our commitment is to find and implement the best solutions for your problem