RAM/RAD is our newest product, a platform for rapid application development, which among its features sports a full-featured conversor that automatically imports legacy software and converts those into modern tech stacks.

Our solution redefines the way software is built. This is no empty boast. You can rapidly create and deploy mission critical applications to evolve your business, or you can recover legacy systems that are still active but require too much upkeep.

Turn Your Ingres ABF / Informix 4GL Forms Into a Modern Application

RAM/RAD imports legacy software made in these technologies with no refactoring necessary. It automatically breaks all procedures, external and internal, plus all field activations and menu actions into separate blocks of new code, keeping all internal links and commit/rollback logic.

This process works with either our own existing, full-featured UI or in headless mode (via APIs), allowing you to build your own UI if you so desire.

Learn more from our White Paper.